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We live in a challenging time. As the difficulties and the financial problems increase, it is important to be your own leader and responsible for yourself. Be self confident, love your self and trust your own intuition! You are responsible for your money and your wealth! Don’t stop to seek the truth and don’t stop to seek the mission of your life!

Money and Prosperity

If you want to become the best version of yourself and enhance your mental power, you can not live in constant scarcity of money.You can not meditate when you feel hunger. The first step is to understand money and its hidden laws. They are simple and yet so difficult to follow. Understand the psychology of the financial markets and many secrets will be revealed to you. Your blocks from being wealthy and attracting  money. Having money is just an energy, a vibration as everything else. Let you guide by a money mentor.
The 3 most important principles are:

  1. money acts as an energy
  2. money alone can never be an ultimate goal, it has to be related to an useful mission
  3. money acts like water, if you have not the right (mental) container it will always leak!

Learn about a mostly untold  money secret. You will be surprised and moved!

This video will inspire you to understand the actual situation !

Music Therapy with Classical music

Classical music is very powerful tool to heal and inspire you, it is so healthy and stimulating for your brain and visualisations.
Watch this video, why Johann Sebastian Bach’s music can help you in your personal development!
Music has a well organized structure and I show you how you can recognize harmonic and dis-harmonic patterns in your own life.

Life without music would be a mistake

 Friedrich Nietzsche


The biggest secrets are in hidden in little stories, parables or anecdotes. I love referring to them to picture facts, principles, examples and the truth. Watch how I see the actual health problem.

Storytelling Irina Reylander

Radiant Health: my great passion  It is difficult to be successful and wealthy  without being completely healthy. Your Body is your temple and sends signals. There are many uncomplicated remedies and methods to preserve and to improve your health. Some of them I present in my videos and in my workshops.

Love & Relationship

In my Psychology sessions I motivate you to have better relationships. What is wrong if you don’t live fulfilled relationships. What prevents you from loving or being loved.
Love Relationships have to be harmonic. I show it with harmonic structures in music. I teach you how to apply it on your own life.


At the moment, public workshops and motivational events have been paused. I share my content mostly on YouTube. Please subscribe to my channel Iri Motivation to be informed and to get my newest videos. Keep getting motivated, inspired and confident! Guaranteed!