With this simple trick you attract abundance!

Today I reveal my personal trick to have a good relationship with what is called “money” and therefore “abundance”. Because only by having true communication with money will you be able to attract and appreciate it.
You know, once this kind of information was studied in very expensive seminars.But today I will reveal you this unknown way to attract abundance.
When banknotes were the main means of payment and credit cards less used, the advice was to touch gently the banknotes with the palm of the hand before each payment, like a symbolic caress. And by saying this sentence: “This banknote will return to me multiplied because I expect its return with awareness and patience.”

Pronounce this sentence clearly, because words are the first step towards manifestation. Yes, words are the first step towards manifestation.
In the beginning was the Word.
So, when taking the bills out of your wallet always say this sentence.
Over time, the brain programs itself to attract abundance. It’s a slow but effective process.

With a credit or debit card it becomes a little more complicated. If you pay by card, do the same: pass your hand gently over it. Learn to feel its energy because it contains energy. Visualize the amount that will be removed from your account, repeating: “This amount will return to me multiplied because I expect its return with awareness and patience.”

Try it, but attention, do it discreetly and secretly. You don’t have to make the cashier or the salesperson burst into laughter. They would take you for crazy.

So, what lesson can this teach You:

  1. Perhaps in the past you have never considered this energy or you have even had a negative association to money.Maybe you too have difficulty touching gently a banknote or credit card because it seems ridiculous or absurd.
  2. only if you have built up a relationsship with money can you manage it in a profitable way.
  3. Money is fundamentally abstract and is a powerful and invisible energy as is electricity.

But everything begins with small and constant gestures before reaching true abundance and wealth.
Also, did you know that:
The open palm of the hand with the fingers is an ancient symbol of protection, revered in different cultures.Try it too.

Well, let me know how you proceed in the comments below.
Swipe with your hand over your banknotes or credit cards before spending,
This is magic!

Watch this video to fully understand the strategy!