Motivated! Inspired! Confident!

We live in challenging times. As difficulties and financial problems increase, it is important to be responsible for yourself. Be self-confident, love yourself and trust your own intuition! You are responsible for your money and your wealth! Don’t stop seeking the truth and pursuing mission of your life! This program may help you.

Money and Abundance

If you want to enhance your mental power, you cannot live in constant scarcity of money. It is not possible to meditate when feeling hungry. Therefore, the first step is to understand money and economy and its hidden laws. They are simple and yet so difficult to apply. Learn about the psychology of the financial markets and many secrets will be revealed. Having money is just an energy, a vibration. Let’s learn to handle it.

Love & Relationship

In my Psychology sessions I coach you to have better relationships. What is wrong if you don’t live fulfilled relationships? What prevents you from loving or being loved. Love Relationships must be harmonic to work. Like the harmonic structures in music, I show you how to apply it in your own life, especially in your relationships.

The Healing Power of Music

Classical music is a very powerful tool to heal and inspire you, it is so healthy and stimulating for your brain and visualizations.
Music has a well-organized structure and I show you how you can recognize harmonic and dis-harmonic patterns in your own life. Music has a frequency which contains important information, the right music gives you access to another realm of love, trust, divinity.

Life without music would be a mistake

 Friedrich Nietzsche

Watch this video, to know why Johann Sebastian Bach’s music can help you in your personal development!

Mindpower & Intuition

Our modern life is based on external sensations, appearance, science, measurable facts.
At a certain point in your life, maybe because of problems, suffering or simply important changes, you begin to be aware that the ultimate response for any solution must come from your inner voice. Not what the media, politicians, or friends say is true, but only what you feel. I accompany you in the search for answers coming from the invisible, coming from inside of you.

Philosophy and Spirituality

Besides your intuition there are and have been many masters, teachers, philosophers, and writers who can inspire, motivate, and encourage you in your quest. I choose some of their quotes or teachings so that I can present them for you in an easy and pleasant way. There have been so many genius minds in the past who can give you all the answers you need.

Health & Lifestyle

I provide information about our health and some tips about a conscious lifestyle. It can give you a holistic view of wellbeing. I give you some insight into my personal fitness regime, which is simple, not expensive, always connected to natural laws. It includes sport, nutrition, supplements, and some powerful meditation and affirmations.