Instant Happiness

Here one of the best and most effective ways to instantly turn unhappiness into happiness. Like a magician transform negative feelings into positive ones. Let’s say for example you have ten reasons to really feel distressed.. Then, begin listing them all, with a precise word. Spend some time doing it. You might become aware that you are repeating yourself or that your perception of bad things is very vague and confused. Or worse, you perceive it as negative because everybody else is telling you to do so. Be precise in your list!! If you don’t find 10 things then list only 9 or fewer. It is a little bit of work. When you finished, write a list with all the positive things that are in your life. The challenge is to find more positive things than negative ones. So if you have 10 negative things find at least 11 or more positive ones. If you have five that bother you, find at least six that you enjoy and you appreciate. It is a real mental EFFORT but very effective. If you cant come up with any positive things at all, ask yourself, if you have eyes to see a blue sky or a flower or a beautiful scene. This alone is worth 2 points. Get as MANY positive points as possible. When you have finished your positive list, just imagine a scale. This scale should TIP on the positive side. Integrate this image of the scale tipping on the positive side, when reading your lists again. Do this exercise as often you can and your state of mind will change and therefore attract more positive events in your life. Be inspired with this verse from Paul saying in letter to the Thessalonians 5:18: “give thanks in all circumstances “ this is what God wants for you.

Watch this video for better comprehension!